Flour Direct has an extensive range of commercial grade flours, bread pre mixes, sweet pre mixes, seeds, salt, fats and oils, and other baking and cooking products. Flour Direct delivers commercial quantities to your bakery, kebab shop, pizza shop, restaurant, cafe, pasta manufacturing facility or warehouse in Melbourne, Geelong and regional Victoria.

In response to Coronavirus (COVID-19), Flour Direct is now also fulfilling retail/domestic orders.
Minimum of 1 bag/unit with no purchase limits and/or quantity restrictions.
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Maximus Bakers Flour 25kg - Moderate to high protein content. Ideal for a wide range of breads
Supreme Bakers Flour 25kg - Moderate protein content. Suitable for a wide range of applications
Wholemeal Bread Flour 12.5kg - High bran content. Used in a variety of applications
Continental Farina Flour 25kg - Low protein content. Suitable for flat breads, pastries and noodles
Green Everest Flour 25kg - Suitable for crunchy fish and chip batter
Self Raising Flour 12.5kg & 25kg - General purpose flour
Plain Flour 12.5kg & 25kg - General purpose flour
Sharps Flour 25kg - Dusting flour
Rye Flour 25kg - 100% rye
Rye Meal 25kg


Grain Bread Mix 12.5kg - Just add yeast and water
Wholemeal Bread Mix 12.5kg - Just add yeast and water
Light Rye Bread Mix 12.5kg - Just add yeast and water
Dark Rye Bread Mix 12.5kg - Just add yeast and water


Cake Donut 15kg - Used for ring donuts
Yrd 116 15kg - Used for jam donuts
Bun Mix 25kg - Used for scrolls, hot cross buns
Fromage Cheesecake 15kg
Choux Plus 15kg
Bcm-8 15kg - Used for custard in custard tarts
Rap Custard Powder 15kg - Used for Vanilla slice custard
Crème Muffin 10kg


Multigrain Mix 20kg
Sesame Seeds 15kg


Salt Fine Iodised 25kg


Vegetable Oil 20ltr
Cake Margarine 15kg
Pie Bottoms 15kg
Pie Tops 10kg


Improver 25kg
Gluten 25kg
Breadcrumbs 10kg
Sugar 25kg
Semolina Fine or Coarse 25kg
Durum Semolina 25kg
Icing Sugar 25kg
Castor Sugar 25kg
Olives Pitted Halves and Sliced